Hi! My name is Pam Cole and I am the owner/designer of this web site.

My goal is to invite other sellers to list their handiwork for sale here, but first I need to set things up right. I am finally getting my security certificates set up, so I hope to get listings going soon. If you would like to help me test the program when it’s ready, let me know. Just click on the email button in the sidebar.

For now, you can see more of my work at:



Please note: Since Paypal allows just one business name, I decided to use Freelancer Pam Cole.

I have several web sites in the works, based on my different areas of experience, so I needed to find a name that would work for all possible payment situations.

I just wanted to clarify that, because Freelancer Pam Cole will show up in the Paypal popup window for making payments.